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Integrated Administrative System (ERP) for Farms

SmartAgro: An integrated management solution, designed to handle efficiently your farm(s) production processes, being a support tool that provides real-time relevant information about your processes and state of your crops, to the owners, agronomists, administrators, agricultural operators and interested persons according to the security privileges assigned.

SmartAgro for the sector offers features such as:

  • Batch Management: Fact Sheets Registration
  • Seed cycles: Alarms and Controls
  • Crop selection assistant
  • Development of each crop from planting to harvest
  • Crops Health Management: fertilization control, alarms for revisions, historical records, agricultural vademecum
  • Cost management: Per crop and development stage
  • Wage Control
  • Customizable and flexible reports with the option to export in PDF, HTML, XML, csv and excel format.
  • Historical record of rainfall data
  • Navigation is intuitive for the user and easy to use thereby helping in the processes of everyday life


Smart Agro paisaje

It includes (at no additional cost) workflows, document management, business intelligence, indicators (KPI), and executive information on SmartPhones (Android technology) to the owner on your day to day without moving to your estate; It is multilingual, multi-currency allowing transparency in transactions between farms and countries.

Designed by a team of expert managers of agricultural enterprises and System Engineers who collaboratively create a solution according to the needs of the market and of each particular farm.

It can be integrated with our SmartGanadero management solution for livestock farms

Ways in which you can obtain the solution

  • Especially for SMEs: taking a monthly subscription without permanence clauses at very competitive prices which according to the needs of the farm, union or university, the user selects the features needed.

Ideal for associations or guilds who wish to standardize processes and deliver added value tools to their partners.

We offer discounts for volume and advanced payment

In this way SmartJSP provides everything necessary for the SmartAgro operation, this means a database, an application server and a web server without additional license costs as these are all Open Source tools.

For professionals of this sector: such as agronomists, managers of agricultural enterprises, veterinarians, we offer a subsidized subscription model

  • Implementation: for larger projects or those that require customization ( to modify or extend the product)  it can be installed in private data centers and with our open source licensing model  (0 cost) which rationalizes investment in integration services your company requires.


Other features of the solution

SmartAgro Solutions

* 1 Professional Subscription: Basic for (1) farm only on issues of health, training not included


Integrated with SmartERP (Integrated Management System)

Transparently SmartAgro is linked to the SmartERP administrative solution that integrates the operations of the company (Financial collection, Suppliers, Inventory, Manufacturing, Accounting, etc.) minimizing everyday processes and optimizing decision making in real time.

We invite you to learn more details of our SmartERP solution

Integrated with SmartGanadero

SmartAgro can be integrated to the SmartGanadero solution that integrates vital areas of livestock farm as are detailed information of the animal, milk production, embryos and meat, grasslands control, animal services, veterinary registration, vaccination, growth and sale suggestions among others; thereby optimizing decision making in real time.

 We invite you to learn more details of our SmartGanadero solution

SmartAgro the best choice for your Estate


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